Smart Salon Appointments  v.2010.25

Free Appointment Booking Software for Salons. Smart Salon Appointments uses a series of interactive screens to simplify salon appointment booking, but was designed in a simple,

Salon Swift  v.1.0

When running your business to its potential you need a lot from your management software. Salon Swift gives you all the features you need in an easy to use, attractive and intuitive interface.


Hair styles - How many times in your life do you think you will go to a salon to get your hair cut or styled? Let's see, if you start when you're about 2 years old and go 6 times a year until you're about 70 years old, that turns out to be

Hair Pro Light  v.9.0

HAIR PRO 2008 Light is a professional and personal application to preview haircuts and makeup.

Redken  v.1.0

The Redken Desktop Widget is a free application that brings Redken to your computer desktop! It provides a Salon Hair Calendar which helps you to remember when you need to schedule a hair appointment.

Nostradamus The Last Prophecy Episode 2  v.1.0

When she arrives at the Salon-de-Provence castle, Madeleine discovers that the accident that befell Philibert the librarian was no other than a murder.

Nostradamus The Last Prophecy Episode 1  v.1.0

Catherine de Medicis has come to inform Nostradamus that a terrible curse is threatening the royal family dwelling in the Salon-de-Provence castle.

Cheap Air Travel Discounts Locator

Nobody enjoys getting ripped off and paying overpriced airline fares and taxes when they can get the same travel package for almost 50% of that cost! Many secrets exist to do this, and now a locating software has been created to fill that need!

EasySVCD  v.1.0

Transform Photos into Multimedia Slideshows for TV ! EasySVCD is the easiest way to share and organize your photos with friends and family.

ISalon basic  v.1 3

Isalon software, is the software for hairdressers and business a like, it is a clear and easy program that has expandable modules and runs on Windows, Apple and Linux.

Beauty Resort  v.

Beauty Resort is an interesting adventure game. Running your own beauty resort can be a hard job, but the result is so rewarding! Make thouzands of customers pretty and reach your daily goals to keep going!

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